Quail Family
24" x 11.5"

  • This tile triptych is stunning on a backsplash or fireplace.
  • Centerpiece: 6" Quail Family decorative tiles, 3 pcs.
  • Border Tiles: 2-1/2" field tiles, 22 pcs.; 1" dots, 4 pcs.
  • Glaze Color: Burnt Oak brown, with matte finish.
  • Overall Size: 24" x 11-1/2",  including interior grout lines
  • These are loose tiles.
  • If you need a few more tiles to expand the vignette, please call 925-606-1014 and talk to Shirley. We might have some loose tiles in this color. 
  • Made in California.
  • Only ships within the United States. Extra delivery charges will apply to Alaska and Hawaii shipments.
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