Steps in Making Handmade Tile

Since 1926, Handcraft Tile has manufactured tile in the Arts & Crafts tradition. We use techniques that have changed little since we began making tile 90 years ago. Because clay is pressed into molds (not extruded), each tile is slightly different. We do not make "cookie cutter" tiles. No two tiles are exactly alike and therein lies the beauty of handmade tile.

From dry clay to finished tile normally takes 4 to 6 weeks.


Dry clay, sand, water and a few other ingredients are mixed
together to make wet clay. It is then cut into "pugs," which
are workable sizes of clay.


Working molds are made of plaster.



Most of our decorative tiles are made by hand pressing.


A hand pressed tile releases from the mold after about 15 minutes.



Many of the more common tiles are formed using hydraulic presses.


It takes between 1 and 10 days for a tile to dry properly.


We prepare all of our glazes from raw materials
using proprietary formulas.


Glazes are hand sprayed.


Tiles are stacked on setters. They are then fired in kilns.
Firing can take up to 12 hours.


It takes 1 to 2 days for the kiln to cool. Tiles are inspected
and then boxed for shipment.


We are very proud of our product and our artisans.
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