Sink Cap (V-Cap)

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A Sink Cap is a standard trim tile that is generally used to finish the edge of a kitchen or bathroom counter. It can be used in other ways, like on a fireplace, barbeque, or any surface that needs a tile to "hang over" the edge. Sink Caps may be ordered in any of our glazes and colors. These drawings show a 6" Sink Cap that goes with our 6-1/8" x 6-1/8" field tile. We also make a 4" Sink Cap that matches our 4" x 4" field tile. However, we can make the Sink Cap any length between 2" and 6".

NOTE! Handcraft Tile also makes a large variety of decorative V-Caps. Call for details.

The Sink Cap is also called a V-Cap. It is a convenient and attractive way to finish the edge of a surface.Remember, these can also be made to a shorter length.

6-1/8" long
1-3/8" wide
2-3/4" overall height
2-1/8" inside height

This is the outside corner for a Sink Cap. The same corner is used with both 4" and 6" Sink Caps. We do not make an inside corner.

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