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A "sill" is a standard trim tile that is generally used to finish the edge of a kitchen or bathroom counter. Sills can be used on other surfaces that need tiles to "hang over" the edge, such as a window sill, fireplace, barbeque top, wall cap, or stair step. Sills may be ordered in any of our glazes and colors.

These drawings show a 4" sill that goes with our 4" x 4" field tile. Also available:
6" sill to use with our 6-1/8" x 6-1/8" field tile
8" sill to use with our 8" x 8" field tile
12" sill to use with our 12" x 12" field tile (see 12" regular stairtread for specs)

A sill is a durable and attractive way to finish off the edge of a surface.

4" wide
4" deep
3-1/2" inside depth
1-5/8" overall height
1-1/4" inside drop
3/8" thick


This is the outside corner for a 4" sill.

We do not make an inside corner.


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