Handcraft Tile

61-A Rickenbacker Circle
Livermore, CA 94551


Handcraft Tile has opened a beautiful new showroom in the San Francisco Bay Area. THE SHOWROOM IS OPEN BY APPOINTMENT.
 Call Shirley at 925-606-1014 or email

The showroom is packed with tile ideas for your bathroom, kitchen backsplash, fireplace, wall hanging or other artistic focal point. We have display boards to help you choose color, size, shape, and decorative tiles. You can "play with tile" and lay out a design that works for you.

You can order any of our sizes, shapes, and decorative tiles in any of our glaze colors. Call Shirley to discuss your project and to order samples. The tiles will be made specially for you at the production facility in Long Beach, California. In about 8 weeks from the time you order, you will receive authentic Craftsman tile to add warmth and character to your home project.

We also have vignettes and montages that are complete "art tile centerpieces" and are ready to install.

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