Custom Work

Custom work requires making special tiles for a specific project. Handcraft Tile can make special sizes, shapes, designs, textures, and colors. Examples follow. Contact us if you have a project that requires custom work.

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel Collectible Tile

Handcraft Tile was commissioned to make an iconic tile for Disney's Grand Californian Hotel when it opened in 2001. The hotel has a craftsman theme. Handcraft Tile was selected because it was founded in 1926 and thus dates back to the Arts and Crafts era. The glaze is a craftsman green called Monterey Jade. Each tile was numbered and stamped on the back. Handcraft Tile no longer makes this tile and it has become highly collectible.

Floyd Boler Commemorative Tile

This tile was designed to celebrate the life of Floyd Boler who died of cancer in 2004. Floyd was a mechanical wizard who could analyze any mechanical problem and make any machine work better. He spent most of his career working in the space program for Lockheed Missiles and Space Company. He was a private pilot and was building an airplane when he became ill. He was survived by two daughters, his wife of 20 years, and two brothers and six sisters. Relatives and friends were given tiles at his memorial event. This tile is 6" x 6" in denim Blue glaze.

Quail Tile Commission

An interior designer commissioned this 3-tile set of tiles featuring a quail family. The designer sketched the images he wanted to use on a fireplace. Handcraft Tile made a model for each tile from which plaster molds were made. Tiles were then hand-pressed using the new molds. The project did not require exclusivity which allows Handcraft Tile to use the molds over and over to make tiles for many installations.

High Tech Meets Low Tech: The Millennium Tile

Using techniques that have hardly changed in a thousand years, this hand made tile is designed to represent the Digital Age that will usher in the new millennium. This tile is encoded with data that recounts the major milestones of the last millennium that advanced computer, communication and information technology. You and your friends will enjoy the challenge of deciphering its code.

Click here for hints on how to read the tile.
Click here for the answers to the encoded dates and what they mean.

The Millennium Tile is a 6" x 6" terra cotta tile, 1/2" thick, and glazed in three colors, as shown above. A limited number of tiles were produced. All tiles are numbered.

The back of the tile is stamped:
"Hand Made in Silicon Valley, 1/1/2000"

Tiles are still available. Call for pricing.

Monrovia Logo Tile

This tile features the Monrovia logo on a 4" x 6" tile. The clay body is Terra Cotta. The galze is Monterey Jade, buffed to expose the logo and name. The tile is being used in an employee recognition program.

River Terrace Fountain

This fountain at the River Terrace apartments in Santa Clara, California, is made entirely of Handcraft Tile. To accommodate the water flow we put holes in five decorative tiles, one large Grand Flower tile (8-1/4" x 15") and four small Grand Flower tiles (6" x 6"). The Grand Flower tile and the border tiles are Burnt Oak glaze and the field tile is Monterey Jade.

Vent - Copy and Resize

Handcraft Tile was asked to create a vent that was larger than the original using the same design as was on an existing building. The original tile (left) was 8" x 8". Initially, a new mold was made for a 9-1/2" x 9-1/2" vent (below left). Eventually, for another project, the customer also ordered a much larger size: 13-1/2" x 13-1/2" (below left).
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