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Handcraft Tile is the oldest tile manufacturing company on the West Coast. It was started in 1926. For over 90 years, Handcraft Tile has been a custom and made-to-order company, meaning a customer orders tile and then we make it for them. Explore our site's custom tile products as well as photographs of installations, design ideas, decorative and trim tiles, and glaze colors.

What’s new is that Handcraft Tile is now selling "vignettes" and individual art tiles. These are loose tiles that a homeowner can pair with an off-the-shelf tile that is readily available from many stores. Adding a few decorative tiles will add an artistic interest to any ordinary tile installation.

A Vignette usually has one or more decorative tile as a "centerpiece" and tiles to form a border. It is the accent area of a tile installation or a wall hanging. A Handcraft Tile vignette will add a rustic, Craftsman charm to an installation. 

We would be happy to talk to you about our products. Call 925-606-1014.

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